Shower Musings

If my three words have two meanings, what's the second? :C

The Sky

Velvet blue, deep denim,

The sky yawned before me.

A single star, safe in solitude,

yet lost; drowned in the vastness of the sky.

Then the moon smiled at it,

a slender wisp of curvaceousness.

And I, I watched, silenced.

Anonymous How are you today?

Tired. How about you?

cynicistrealist Who are you in this puzzle that we call the world?

The fleck of dust on one of the pieces

Anonymous So, who is it that you like?

You. Tell me more about you.

cynicistrealist What do you call a Banana without the peel ?

A yellow dick, or a Chinese asshole, whichever you prefer.

Anonymous Would you rather be underpaid or overrated?

Underpaid. I am overrated, and hating every minute.

Anonymous How is it like being famous?

I wouldn’t know. It’d be annoying, I guess, what with everyone on the street staring at you. *props up head on knees*

Anonymous What would you like to know?

Everything. But you can tell me anything you want to tell me. :)
I like knowing. 

Anonymous How are you so awesome, and where can I buy that magnitude of amazingness?

Woah, woah, hold it right there. Me? Awesome? You’ve got the wrong person, eh? :P

Anonymous "Why, thank you. I’m sorry about not updating it, but I’ve been busy with school the past few days. More musings coming up. :)"That;s how i know you go to school. So whtsup. tellme sumthing about urself.

Oh, well. So now you know I’m stupid, too. :P
Nu-uh. You know enough about me. You tell me something first. :) 

Anonymous What does your name mean?

Manas16 up5 down

What cool people do. This is a verb that can mean whatever you want it to. Usually used with sexual connotations.
"Dude we Manased all last night. It was so great, you shoulda been there." 
"Dude where were you Manasing? I wanted to come!" 
(Teacher to students) “stop Manasing around!” 
"We should go Manas later" (girl slaps him, walks away)
Anonymous Favorite thing to do in the world?

Eat, cycle, read. 

Anonymous Where do you go to school?

How do you know I go to school? I could be an old bugger rotting away at home, for all you know. :P

Anonymous Favorite song ever?

Ah, well. That’s a hard one, innit? I think I’ll stick with Zapateado, by Sarasate? Favorite composer.

Anonymous Do you like someone?

Well, well, don’t we all? ;)

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